• High quality offices in Switzerland
    for administrative and high-tech oriented companies
  • Atos Origin
    Arnhem, The Netherlands
    Realized Project
  • The Hilt
    Realized project
  • Terre-Bonne Park
    A2, A3, Z1 buildings
  • The Pavillon
    Welcome Desk at Terre-Bonne Park
    Delivered in 2014
  • A4 Building
    Terre-Bonne Park
  • Nemaco Offices in Switzerland
    Terre-Bonne Park
    Z1 Building
  • Z2 Building
    Terre-Bonne Park, Phase II
    Delivered in 2012
  • La Porte d'Eysins
    Terre-Bonne Park

About Nemaco

Nemaco Suisse SA is the Swiss branch of Nemaco BV based in Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. Since its creation in 1992, Nemaco develops buildings for commercial and administrative purposes for companies like Credit Suisse, British American Tobacco, ABN AMRO, Atos Origin, Kraft Foods (Cadbury), Dow Chemical, Christian Salvesen, Reliant Energy, Accenture, Shire, Regus, Lloyds Private Bank and the City of Amsterdam, amongst others.